The Scofield Family Project

The Scofield Family Project is a site dedicated to tracking "Scofield's on the Move!" Specifically ancestors, and descendants of Phillip Russell Scofield. This site was launched in June 2007 but didn't really take shape until August 2007. Our core index has been compiled with major contributors having their own separate indexes. We are currently developing a new site design, which will include the launching of in September 2013. So big things are going to be happening in the coming weeks and months.

The core family tree has evolved into our core index, which was assembled from our multiple contributors into one central index. We still have our original family tree, as well as each additional tree from our founding members and other major contributors. But as I said before TSFP is still a work in progress. If your initial search doesn't turn up anything, feel free to refine your search by looking at the other trees. Not just our core index.

Our site will be evolving in the coming weeks. Regardless, anyone can become a member. But you need to provide detailed history going back at least 3 generations and where you think you might connect to our index. Any member not contributing or providing some information will be limited in their access. Our goal isn't to hinder but to connect with family. But we also have to maintain the privacy of our living family members. Questions are always welcome. 2014 isn't over yet...big things are in the works. Come join us!

Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.